Everything to Know About Little Rock, Arkansas Main Attractions, Restaurants and things to do

 The city of Little Rock is located near the Ouachita Mountains, in Arkansas county. It is home to great people who have a great history that is displayed in the vast art galleries, museums, cultural centers, and amazing food, from Little Rock's historical and modern dishes, not forgetting amazing and fancy restaurants. The architecture of Little rock is unique and incorporates green spaces and vast parks. The city design incorporates pedestrian life and promotes healthy behavior such as jogging and cycling, Little Rock is not the type of town to be jammed up with public service vehicles, although taxi services are available. The town of Little Rock is also the home of many renowned actors, actresses, musicians, and artists who hold exhibitions.

Once you visit Little Rock You will get to experience the history, people, and food that Arkansas has to offer.

Arkansas Main attractions

Little Rock is the home to many attraction sites for both locals and tourists, for locals, it is their routine but if you are new here you will be mesmerized by their numbers.

William J. Clinton Presidential Library

Founded by the 42nd president of the United States, the William J. Clinton presidential library is located on 1200 President Clinton Ave, Little Rock, AR 72201. It showcases art from artists on a permanent and temporary basis. The library contains the political life of presidential J Clinton if you have a political career, it is the best place to learn of one of the greatest political careers. The center also boasts of a restaurant and a museum. The William Clinton Center is the best place to be for history lovers and students who want to explore and research.

Riverfront Park

The Riverfront Park is located on 202 La Harpe Blvd, Little Rock, AR 72201 Designed to host multiple playgrounds, the park is the best place to stroll, bike, jog, or just rest while enjoying the stillness of nature.  The Riverfront Park also boasts numerous sculptures, walking alleys, and a lighted bridge, that makes the place romantic for a quiet still date.





Old State House Museum

The old state museum is located on 300 W Markham St, Little Rock, AR 72201. The museum hosts a special collection of art which include both permanent and rotating exhibit. The museum grounds hold the history of the town, one significant event is a duel between two legislators. Some of the historical documents are presidential speeches, research on malaria and a vote of secessions of Arkansas from the united states.

Museum of Discovery

Established in 1927, the Museum of Discovery is the oldest in Little Rock. It is located on 500 President Clinton Ave #150, Little Rock, AR 7220. It exhibits various works of art. The museum has had to relocate around three times due to legislative reasons. It is now located on River Market and it recently received a redevelopment from the Donald W. Reynolds Foundation. Its scientifically and technologically oriented and hold summer camps, teaching courses and educational courses to enthusiasts.


Arkansas State Capitol Building

The Arkansas state capitol building is located on 500 Woodlane St, Little Rock, AR 72201. Located in downtown Arkansas the Arkansas state building is the perfect place to visit to learn on the great culture of the people of Arkansas and Little Rock. The capital building represents the people, the government, it also houses the legislators and offers a chance to watch parliament in progress. There are also governor reception rooms, the towering rotunda and the old supreme court chamber. All these are in great American architecture and the design is more directed to the people’s culture.

Witt Stephens Jr. Central Arkansas Nature Centre

Witt Stephens Jr. Central Arkansas Nature Centre is located on 602 President Clinton Ave, Little Rock, AR 72201. If you happen to visit the Clinton Presidential Library, The Statehouse Convention Center or the Clinton foundation house, or you happen to work there the Witt Stephens Jr Arkansas nature Center is the place to be to relax. Enjoy the wonderful view of nature and a walk along the great trail. Other attractions include turtle watching, gift shops, aquariums, and other fun activities.

Mosaic Templars Cultural Centre

Mosaic Templars Cultural Centre is located on 501 W 9th St, Little Rock, AR 72201. Experience great African American culture inside the Cultural Center. The 35,00 feet interior museum holds arts and exhibits. The museum also hosts a classroom and offices and a 400-seater auditorium. African-Americans are also contributors to the great culture of the people of little rock. A famous exhibit is the ‘African American in Arkansas’.


local restaurants

The great chefs of Little Rock are always ready to leave you full after a visit. There are amazing restaurants dotted all across little rock experience barbecue, fast food trucks, ethnic dishes and a taste of the Southern Classics. For over 21 there is a brewery located right there where you can sample drinks. There are also many catering options available.

South on Main Downtown

Experience well-cooked pork rinds, pimento cheese, chicken livers and hot chicken at the South of Main. The hotel also hosts the oxford American Magazine Writers events, film screenings and live musical performances. Visit the South on Main for a nerdy experience.

Cache Downtownstamp

Located in the middle of nightlife downtown Little rock visit the Cache Downtown for special occasions. Sample the best of chef Payne Harding, He hosts couples and groups. Enjoy great cornbread and cheese, fried chicken, and fried summers quash.

The Pantry Crest

Enjoy great Hungarian sausage, grilled Romaine salad, bacon-wrapped dates, and House made Bratwurst at the pantry Crest. The hotel specializes in the German and Czech classics from the renowned chef Tomas Bohm. They open till midnight, every day of the week except Sunday and offer affordable prices for great dishes.

Brave New Restaurant Riverfront

On the banks of the Pristine River is the brave New Restaurant. They serve great stuffed quail, pork tenderloin, crème avocado shrimp and farm-fresh food. A seat on the patio will give you a perfect view of the Arkansas River.

Big Orange West Little Rock

They serve great fries, potato chips, fresh whipped shakes, burgers, and locally sourced meat. For everything fast-food in Arkansas enjoy a bite at the Big Orange West little Rock.

The Root Cafe Downtown

The Root Cafe Downtown on Old Sweden Cream Building offers great burgers, meat eggs, and bread. Visit the Root café for the most amazing breakfast. Their food is fresh from gardens right here in Arkansas. They also offer a bar and a full coffee menu.




Star of India West Little Rock

They serve Indian food, enjoy great samosas, fresh curries, chicken tikka masala, and naan. The head Chef and owner Sami Lal will make you the best you have ever had.

Arkansas things to do

YOU can never run out of things to do in Arkansas. In Arkansas learn to something new every day. Enjoy hiking in the Arkansas great trails, golf fields, and other attractions.

  • Arkansas nightlife

Clubs like El Dorado, Eureka Springs, and the three big cities of northern Arkansas. Bursting with youthful life from the University of Arkansas, Little Rock is the place to be.

  • Shopping

Enjoy shopping in state-of-the-art malls, there are boutiques and other interesting shopping places.

  • Meet the Home Team

Meet the Arkansas home team on their home grounds and get your ball signed by your favourite player.

  • Enjoy a cold Beer

At the Diamond Bear Brewery, the beer is made just right, enjoy Traditional European methods using only malted barley, hops, yeast, and Arkansas water.

The Purse Muse is a great place for women who love fashion or want to try out new things, enjoy a view of exquisite fashion designs in this amazing shop.

  • Farmer’s Markets

For newbies in Little Rock who want to their grocery, there are several farmer markets in Little Rock Conway. They include; the little Rock Farmers market, the Hillcrest Farmers Market, and the Kavanaugh Farmers market.

  • Play fun games

Find the position of a hidden treasure that was left there by the person who found it before you, and then you take it and leave something of your own in its place for adventure. It’s huge in Little Rock, and there are more than 150 caches are located along the Arkansas Great River Road.