Riverfront Park

Every city needs that one little spot where residents and visitors alike can take some time to get away from the hubbub of urban life and immerse themselves in the beauty of nature for a little while. And in Little Rock, that spot is called Riverfront Park.

Stretching out across eleven blocks on the southern bank of the Arkansas River, Riverfront Park, with its thrilling variety of bustling attractions, has been deemed by some one of the best parks in the entire country.

Basically, if you’re looking to get the family out to soak up some of that rich Arkansas sun and indulge in some outdoorsy escapades, then chances are you’ll have no trouble spending a whole day amidst the lush wonders of Riverfront Park.

After all, this is far from just an ordinary park; it’s also a place to immerse yourself in the history of Little Rock. Junction Bridge, for instance, is not merely a means of crossing the Arkansas River; it’s a magnificent piece of urban architecture that has been part of the Little Rock skyline for generations, and, thanks to recent renovations, is easily pedestrian-accessible from Riverfront Park’s River Market Pavilion. And down at the park’s History Pavilion, visitors can read about the history of not just Little Rock, but the great state of Arkansas as a whole, and admire the great Indian Head statue, carved by Hungarian-born sculptor Peter Toth in tribute to the Native American people of Arkansas.

And on the subject of sculpture, there’s a whole lot more to be found at the Vogel Schwartz Sculpture Garden. Here, visitors can wander the natural terraces and walkways – designed to create an ideal viewing experience – as they take in over 80 pieces of sculpture work.

And naturally, there’s plenty to occupy the kids too. There’s no better way for them to beat the Arkansas heat than taking a dip down at the Peabody Splash Park. Located just west of the Junction Bridge, Peabody Splash Park is the sort of spot that allows kids to not only cool off, but, with its slides, tunnels and rocks, is the sort of place that really inspires kids to get active outdoors and use their imaginations.

Riverfront Park is the sort of place that immerses you in the natural beauty, diverse culture, and fascinating history of Little Rock all at once. In other words, it’s a must-see for any visitor looking to fully appreciate the wonders of this unique city.