Everything You Need to Know Before Booking a Wedding Caterer in Little Rock, Arkansas

Arkansas Wedding Catering

Your day is here, at last! You have set the date for your big day and now you are beginning to plan everything. You want every detail to be completely flawless as it should be. One of the largest decisions you will have to make is what to serve for food and drinks. Whether you are imagining cocktails for days with appealing appetizers or a full-blown high-class meal, you want everything to go perfectly. Finding the absolute best caterer for your wedding is the first step in getting to that perfectness. Keep reading to learn a few important things about booking a wedding caterer in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Top 3 Catering Tips for Weddings

  1. Begin with Catering

When couples plan their dream wedding, they often first choose a wedding venue and accommodate their catering to that space. Our advice, though, is to work oppositely. Line out what you are envisioning and think about the logistics of your plan. If you are planning both the event catering and the venue simultaneously, it could prevent chaos down the road.

  1. Have a Realistic Budget

As you and your partner go over the options you have for wedding catering in Arkansas, be sure you have set a realistic budget. When hiring the perfect caterer, one of the most important things you will need to be sure of is the kind of food you want to have catered to your event and the budget you have in mind for that event. At Rx Catering, we partner with our customers to come up with a menu that specifically meets their and their guests every want and need. If you do not have a budget set, it will be hard to determine what we can offer.

  1. Sample and Interview

After you have set your budget and chosen caterers that you have interest for, it is time to finally have some fun. Schedule appointments to interview the caterers and sample their food. Going into the meeting with a vision of what you want, no matter what that might be, will help them draw up a plan that will successfully meet your vision.

What Questions Should You Ask the Caterer?

Even if you have a vision for your wedding catering that you are secure in, it never hurts to ask more questions to help you feel even more secure in that. Asking your caterer questions will help you feel secure in their abilities as well. Here are some things you can ask.

  • What dishes of yours are most popular?
  • Is every dish a single price or do you offer bulk prices?
  • What are some of the different styles of catering you offer?
  • Can you work with multiple allergens and dietary requests?
  • Will you do custom orders or are you firm in your menu?
  • Do you cook the food at the venue or is it pre-cooked and catered in?
  • What source do you get your food from?
  • How do you deal with changes made at the last minute?
  • What do you do with leftovers?
  • How big are your meal portions?
  • Do you make and cater wedding cakes? If so, will a cutting service be provided as well?
  • Do you offer any type of bartending services?
  • Are drinks that don’t contain alcohol included in the cost of the meal?

Your Arkansas Wedding Caterer

You bring the vision, Rx Catering in Little Rock, AR will bring the life to that vision! Our team has the experience and training needed to create the perfect menu for your wedding. As we are the best local caterers, we are more than capable of giving you everything you want within your budget. Give us a call anytime to learn more!