Business Caterers Near Me

Working as the head secretary for a large company, means I have to be aware of several good caterers in my area. The higher ups always like to have every meeting catered with a nice platter or two and their meals delivered straight to their office. I used to have a whole rolodex dedicated to just business caterers near me, but not anymore. One day, I forgot to find the right caterer for a meeting just a couple of hours away. Ordinarily, that’s way too short of a notice to get any sort of decent catering spread. That was when I searched for last minute business caterers near me to try to make up for my mistake and found Rx Catering.


Not only did Rx Catering agree to take the last minute order, but the food was beyond amazing. The office was buzzing for a few days about how delicious that breakfast was. I haven’t used any other business caterer near me since discovering Rx Catering. They always offer delicious food at a reasonable price and the most convenient and friendly service you could hope for from a catering company. I’ve had other secretaries asking me for their number because their bosses won’t quit talking about the catering I ordered. What are you waiting for? Call them or visit their website to order their services today.