Catering Companies

Finding the perfect caterer for you in the sea of catering companies available can seem like an impossible task, but it doesn’t have to be. Through our simple, step-by-step process, you can narrow down your list of catering companies and find the perfect one for you in no time. This is perfect if you have a lot of events that require catering like business managers or event planners. Finding that perfect catering company that you can trust and depend on makes all the difference in your work. You already have a lot to worry about, why not make this part easy?


Step one: Narrowing down your list to those that are qualified

You have your list of all the catering companies available in your area in front of you as well as your computer, tablet, or smart phone. It’s time to do research on each of these companies to narrow down your list. The first thing we’re going to look for is reviews of the company. Look them up on sites like Yelp or Travelocity to find out what real clients are saying about the services they provide. Once you’ve cut some out based on a multitude of poor reviews, you want to look at each of their “about” pages on their websites to make sure they have the amount of experience you feel comfortable with. Rx Catering, for example, offers over sixty years of experience in the catering business.


Step two: Narrowing down your list to those that offer what you need

Not every catering company will handle all events. You can find this information either on their website or by calling the company. During this step of the process, you should also be looking at any menus they have available to make sure they offer a wide variety of food so you don’t have to get the same thing every time. Your list should now only include qualified catering companies that can provide services for your events.


Step Three: Narrowing down your list to those within your budget

Not all catering companies have their prices conveniently located on their website, like Rx Catering. You might have to call their company and let them know the type of events you’ll have so they can give you a more accurate price range of what they’ll charge for their services. You want to be sure that the company you choose offers options within your budget.


Step Four: Meeting the companies to be sure they’re a good fit

You want to be sure you get along well with the catering company you choose. The best way to do this is to meet with them in person. This way, you can make sure you communicate well with each other and that you feel comfortable with the caterers. You want to be sure you can trust your catering company.


Step Five: Choosing your catering company

Now that you’ve narrowed down your list to just a few great catering companies, it’s time to make your decision. The company you choose should be qualified, offer a great selection of delicious food, will work within your budget, and offer services for your events. You want to be sure you can trust your catering company to deliver quality services.


Finding the right catering company can be challenging. How do you go about narrowing down your list of catering companies? We hope our simple, five step process has helped you narrow down your list of catering companies from which to choose. You want to be sure you choose a reliable, dependable company that you can trust.