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Catering Ideas for Gender Disclosure Party and Baby Shower

Availing of a professional catering service is an excellent way to make your baby shower or gender announcement party a great one. You can go ahead and make the most of the holidays because you never have to stress about purchasing, prepping, presenting, or serving the food. 


While your food menu should always be tailored according to the details of your party particularly the time, venue, concept, budget, these elements can help render your event as seamless as it is unforgettable. 


Serve Single-Bite Finger Foods  

You can attain many favorable goals by serving one- or two-bite finger foods. You minimize the necessity for plates and cutlery, mitigating both the expense and the volume of afterparty trash. You'll also be able to provide your guests with more options. Propose five to six different dishes, with two of every item per guest, as a general rule.


Spread them around 

Place food stands or platters dispersed across the room to keep the party flowing. As they wander or engage in conversation nearby, your visitors can grab attractive items. 

You can prevent the logjam of guests that could build up if you serve your food all in one spot by scattering the items across the room. This would also ensure that the food doesn’t run out and can last for the whole event.


Variety is Key

Expect that your visitors' preferences and dislikes will be diverse and, in certain situations, dietary limitations will be a challenge. Be sure to provide an array of goods so that everybody, even if they can't consume everything, has plenty of options to choose from. 

Begin by learning about the food preferences of the mom-to-be. Likely, she would not be able to consume certain foods, such as soft cheeses, certain kinds of seafood, raw or underdone fish, meat or eggs, etc. Trust your judgment, but you may find it wise to exclude them from your menu as a sign of regard for the feelings of the mom-to-be.  

For health reasons, you can also have visitors who observe strict diets or have a restricted diet. Think of putting an array of vegetarian, vegan, and non-meat options as well.


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