Catering Menu

Do you frequently have a need for catering services? Has the food at your events become tired and overdone? Are you looking for a change? Look no further than the best catering company in Little Rock, Rx Catering. They have the most extensive catering menu with accommodations for dietary restrictions and parties of all sizes. Their helpful and kind staff will help you pick the perfect menu selection to best fit the size and budget of your party. We’ll tell you all you need to know about Rx Catering so you can revamp the menu at all your events.


You can mix it up

The best part about their diverse and extensive catering menu is that they have enough options that you can utilize their company again and again without ever getting tired of their catering menu selections. Whether your event requires breakfast cuisine, a prepared lunch, or an elegant dinner, Rx Catering can accommodate your needs and provide you with lots of options for each event. You won’t have to hear people complain about you choosing the same catering company or have to deal with the hassle of finding another good catering company.


They have accommodations for everything

Whether you need catering services for a large fundraiser or a small breakfast meeting, Rx Catering can help accommodate your needs. They even have gluten-free options available for those with dietary restrictions or just specific dietary wants. Their helpful staff will help you find the best catering menu option that’s perfect for the size and budget of all of your events. If you need them to deliver the food to you, they’ll happily do it quickly and carefully as long as you provide them with at least twenty-four hours notice. If you need to pick up a last minute small catering menu item, they can accommodate your needs, as well.


The catering menu options are sure to please everyone

There are so many options available on their catering menu that even the pickiest of eaters will be pleased with the selection. Their food is always delicious and their service is always reliable. You’ll be the talk of the office or the talk of all your events with your choice to use Rx Catering.


Rx Catering is all about providing their customers with the most diverse and extensive catering menu for the most reasonable price in the simplest way possible. You can book their services easily on their website, where their entire menu is also conveniently located, or you can call or visit their shop to place your catering order.