Catering Near Me

As a secretary, it’s my job to know all about the available catering near me. I often have to order meals for all the higher ups, as well as the catering for all the meetings and special events. Sometimes, I even have to schedule the catering for my bosses’ private parties. I have to find the perfect catering near me that has a wide enough selection that the bosses don’t grow tired of it, but doesn’t break the bank; business men hate spending excess money. This search led me to the best company out of all the catering near me I had tried. Rx Catering offers the most reliable and delicious catering around; I’ll walk you through how they’ve become my go to catering company.


They have a wide selection

They offer the widest selection of all other catering near me that I’ve tried before. Their menu is so extensive; my days of ordering from four different places each day are through thanks to Rx Catering. They offer a wide variety of options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well as snacking options. Because they have so many different sizes available for each menu option, I can order from the same place no matter the occasion. They also have a wide variety of options for each category of food they offer, so I can order from the same place every day of the week and the bosses never have to eat the same thing twice. And, if you have dietary restrictions you need to watch out for for people in the office, they even have gluten-free food available.


They offer the simplest catering experience

Out of all the catering near me that I have tried, Rx Catering offers by far the easiest catering experience I have ever had. When I first called, I was sure that it was a long shot to get my breakfast order for the office just a couple of hours before I had to have it, but they helped me pick out the perfect platter to provide the best spread and had it all ready for me the second I got there. My bosses never knew I had forgotten until last minute; it was perfect. Their kind and courteous staff will always do whatever they can to help you have the simplest and easiest catering experience. They will even deliver straight to your location if you give them at least twenty-four hours’ advance notice so they can add you to the delivery route.


Take a page from the secretary’s secret book of tips, and call Rx Catering today. I can’t explain to you the tremendous value and help it is to have a one-stop caterer near me that I can go to every time without the office tiring of their food. Their food is phenomenal, affordable, reliable, and they have an extensive and diverse selection. Ever since I started using Rx Catering, I won’t call any other caterer near me. Their kind staff helps you every step of the way, too, and ensures your experience is as simple as it possibly can be. Don’t settle for anything less than the best; call Rx Catering or visit their website today, you’ll be glad you did.