Corporate Lunch Catering

Have you been struggling to find the perfect provider for all your corporate lunch catering needs? It can be extremely challenging and time consuming to try and find the right fit. First of all, you have to find a caterer that provides excellent food and services at the price you need that can work within your timeframe and has a wide enough selection that you can find what you want. Then, you have to find one that fits all that in your area that has the availability to work within your needs. If you have a lot of last minute business meetings or your just too busy to get to ordering the catering in a timely fashion, Rx Catering is the corporate lunch catering company for you. Planned with a busy, hectic, corporate lifestyle in mind, Rx Catering does everything they can to ensure you get quality food at a reasonable price right when you need it. They strive to be the simplest part of any of your events and to minimize the hassle that often comes along with catering companies.


They offer a wide selection and can meet all your event needs. Whether you need a breakfast catered, corporate lunch catering, or an elegant dinner catered, Rx Catering can accommodate your needs in as little a notice as necessary. Their food is always top quality and prepared with the best ingredients. You won’t be disappointed in anything you order; plus, they have such a wide selection, even the pickiest of eaters will find something they like. They even have gluten-free options available, because every office has at least one person with dietary restrictions. The best part about their diverse selection is that you can use them for all your corporate lunch catering, time and time again, and have different food each time, never growing tired of their delicious catered food.