Little Rock Party Catering

Do you have a party coming up, but don’t know where you’re going to get the food? You don’t want to cook for all those people and clean up after that while hosting the party; that’s just too much. Call or visit Rx Catering today and have your Little Rock party catering provided with amazing and affordable food. You won’t be sorry you did. We’re determined to provide excellent service, delicious food, and affordable prices.


Why should you choose us?

Not only do we provide excellent food, but we’re also affordable. We have a diverse menu as well as several sizing option so we can best accommodate the size of your party and your budget. We have a little something for everyone with our menu ranging from breakfast and appetizers to full entrees and desserts; we’ve got it all. No matter what your Little Rock party catering need, we have you covered.


What sort of party are you willing to cater for?

We’re not picky in our business; we’ll cater for whatever event you have coming up: weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, retirements, even fundraisers; you name it, we do it. We offer both delivery services and pick up services, however, if you order delivery, we do require a day’s notice. For food you’re going to pick up, we can easily accommodate same day orders. You won’t be disappointed with how reliable we are with the quality of our services.


What should we expect?

You can order our services through our easy to use website, or you can simply call us. When you order, you’ll need to let us know what you want and the size you want, any beverages you may want that we offer, and if you would like it delivered to the site of your event or home or if you’d rather just pick it up. You’ll then have delicious food prepared for your Little Rock party catering company.


If you have a party coming up and need catering, look no further than Rx Catering for all your Little Rock party catering needs. We provide excellent food, service, and affordable prices. You won’t be disappointed with your order. Call us or visit our easy to use website today. We’ll be eagerly awaiting your order.