Local Catering Companies

  Out of all the local catering companies available in Little Rock, you have got to try Rx Catering. Beyond their incredibly wide selection and friendly and courteous staff, they never serve food that is less than excellent. Whether you need a lunch catered, snacks for a breakfast meeting, or accommodations for a fundraiser, Rx Catering can help you. They offer a diverse and extensive menu and various sizing options for mostly all of their selections, so you can find the perfect catering menu for your occasion.


In addition to offering the biggest selection and the best quality of food of all local catering companies around, they also offer the best price and a hassle-free experience. Nowhere else in Little Rock will you find a catering company that offers such delicious food made of the highest quality ingredients at such an amazing price. Not to mention, with Rx Catering you’re getting one of the simplest local catering companies with which to do business. They understand how hectic and busy life can get and strive to be the simplest part of your event.


Rx Catering offers the best catering services of all local catering companies in Little Rock. They provide excellent food at unbeatable prices and really strive to bring you the simplest and most convenient services possible. They also offer the widest menu selection of all local catering companies in Little Rock. What are you waiting for? Call them or visit their website today!