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Tips to Safely Host Catering Events amid COVID pandemic

As cities start to reopen safely, residents are so eager to go back to work and meet once again with their beloved customers and team! We skipped the festivities and missed the big smiles and the enthusiasm that friends and colleagues spread. we've gathered some ideas for organizing a safe event or party during COVID-19 incorporating state and CDC guidelines, whether this is an intimate at-home garden party for family and friends or a brunch to welcome your team back to the office.


1) Health & Safety Protocols 

 Standard operating procedures ( SOPs) that emphasize health & safety are extremely important throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, even for social events! A few SOPs that were suggested are: 

  • Perpetual hand washing: put up additional handwashing areas that visitors and personnel have access to around your event venue. 
  • Personal protective equipment: it is important to ensure everyone wears masks.
  • Social distancing whenever feasible, obligatory PPE if not feasible. 
  • Sanitizing the floor: Frequent contact surfaces such as serving areas and visitor tables should be thoroughly sanitized before, during, and after the function. 
  • Restricted use of restrooms that doesn’t have handwashing utilities.

2) Setting 

If possible, it is highly encouraged during this period to use outdoor areas and venues with good airflow and circulation. 


3) Seating 

You'll have to think about the seating plan once you've found the perfect setting. During COVID-19, event arrangements can look quite different, but that isn't a terrible thing; it's only going to have more innovative solutions! Think of scattered outdoor comfortable seating, minimal chairs for more relaxed round discussions, angled seating arrangements and no one will be directly in front of and beside another person, families sitting at casual celebrations around each other, and more.

4) Communication 

Ultimately, preparations and arrangements for an event are not successful until all staff and visitors are effectively informed before the event. With ample signage and reminders to promote social distance and wearing PPE is important. Spacing indicators in areas such as buffet queues and toilet lines are also useful. The CDC has a tremendous COVID-19 signage repository that can be used for your event. 


5) Event timelines 

For any event, but specifically during COVID-19, timelines are important. You should plan guest arrivals with a ticketed arrival period to ensure adequate temperature testing and less congestion at the site. The CDC advises using innovative timelines. Because of the strengthened safety precautions, the only thing you would want to keep in mind is explaining the relevance of the time of arrival to your visitors.


6) Hybrid events 

Not everybody is going to be entirely happy with activities, and that's all right. A hybrid version for meetings and conferences is one strategy for several businesses. With this approach, those who are willing and comfortable could join in person and those who are not could partake from the comforts of their home. A good suggestion we love is to send a packaged meal or lunch to those who are digitally present so that they can experience a glimpse of the event from behind their computer or mobile screen.


7) Entertainment

While most believe dancing is a prerequisite for a fun party, that's not where the fun has to end! There are other avenues in both business and social environments to entertain your visitors. Think of a live pop band, a performer to bring smiles on the faces of your participants, a theme-fitting ethnic dance show, or a magician to leave your visitors guessing. There are so many choices! 


8) Culinary Options

Each event has its unique specifications, but we collaborate with individuals and groups to build innovative menus in how we serve delicious food while conforming to the new normal. For now, to restrict group contact and multiple food handling, we are removing self-serve stations. You also restrict the chance of infection by consolidating service or supplying individually wrapped foods and drinks.



The welfare of our guests and employees is of the utmost significance at Rx Catering. We also established protocols focused on fostering environments that emphasize cleanliness and sanitation, engaging workers in daily health checks, and putting emphasis on cautious event operations to guarantee that we work safely with best interests at heart.

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